Accommodation Provider Account Registration


Q. How do I become NSFAS Student Accommodation Provider?

A. Any qualifying individuals, agents, companies or state entities can become NSFAS Student Accommodation Providers by opening an account with NSFAS. Visit for more information.


Q. How do I register or open an account with NSFAS?

A. Visit NSFAS Student Accommodation Provider Portal on our website, and register/open your account.


Q. What information and/or documents are required to open an account on the Student Accommodation Portal?

A. Depending on the type of accommodation provider (AP), the registration process requires valid individual/company details and documents to be provided and uploaded to the portal. These documents are listed on our registration forms for account opening. Please note that NSFAS will verify the information provided during your registration for your account to be activated.


Q. How do I access my account?

A. By logging onto the portal using your unique email and password provided during registration.


Q. How do I change my information?

A. Log into your account. Navigate to your account profile and update/change your information as required.


Q. Are you not getting your registration verification OTP Pins?

A. Check your email and/or SMS spam folder for OTPs.


Q. Unable to complete your account registration?

A.  Try logging into your account using the email address and password used to register the first time. You will be asked to verify your account by entering the two OTP pins sent to your email and number.


Listing Your Space


Q. How do I list my space on the portal?

A. Click on the “List Your Space” button and follow the steps to complete uploading your property.


Q. What documents are required to list my property successfully?

A. Depending on the AP type, the listing process requires you to provide valid details and attach the correct property documents requested on each listing form. Accepted file formats include jpg, jpeg, pdf and MP4.


Q. Can I save my Listing without paying and complete it later?

A. Yes, you can always return to your listing by selecting “AP Listing” and clicking “Manage Listing”.


Q. Can I view the Listing Fees before paying?

A. Yes, navigate to Listing Fees and click “Check Listing Fee”.


Q. When to pay Listing Fees?

A. Listing Fees need to be paid immediately after completing the listing steps. Alternatively, you can submit your listing application and pay later by returning to the listing and submitting the payment. Please note that your listing process is not complete without payment. Only fully paid Listing Applications are considered and scheduled for verification.


Q. What is next after successfully completing the listing and paying the fees?

A. NSFAS validates and acknowledges receipt of your listing and payment. Once validated successfully, NSFAS appoints an Accreditation Agent (AA) who contacts you to schedule accreditation of your premises.


Q. Do I get notified of the scheduled accreditation?

A.  Yes, the AA will contact you to schedule the accreditation appointment and provide you with information to prepare for the scheduled accreditation.